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Hey Dheerendra thnks for posting,really appreciate it..
Now from wht i hve understood ,is that the two film were shotlisted for the oscars..

# “Avatar”
# “District 9”
# “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”
# “Star Trek”
# “Terminator Salvation”
# “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”
# “2012”


And when it came two final 3, they missed out to Avtaar,Star Trek,District 9..
According to me Avataar was quite obvious..Star trek ,well i haven't seen it ,not a fan ,but what i have heard they its amazing..
And for District 9 ...you have to give to those guys..for a small budget movie from no where to come up with such breathtaking and seamless vfx its simply amazing..not only that if you see the technology they have used...point cloud system in nuke to name a few..you cant argue much..

Now to 2012,though it had one of the best destruction seq ever but personally over all i think it lagged the consistency..If u see the shots where the Russian billionaire actually dies u can make out its chroma.it does does not fit seamlessly ,there are no of instances...
Transformer all i can say wud have to really unlucky to miss out on the final nomination,think the jury know the best...

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