Untitled from sameer on Vimeo.

Ordeals of The Alien - By SATYAJIT RAY

He had thought of it long ago....

The Muffin

Open Muffin - The story is finished! from Open Muffin on Vimeo.

Everyone is invited to contribute to the project and everyone is allowed to watch, enjoy and spread the final animations.

The result will be a number of funny 3D animation shorts based on the same characters, each with a likewise story released under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

If you like the idea of helping the muffin project, read on at “how to contribute”.

After effect...

Here's an image done in after effects,was trying a stereoscopic version of it..wud post it once done,which wud b any time soon..

3D Stereoscopic Visual Effects

3D Stereoscopic Visual Effects - web event
Free webinar on 3D Stereoscopic Visual Effects
Limited 'seating' but there will be a recording. 10am this Friday.
By Lee Stranahan with speakers Jason Goodman and Daniel Smith