Visual Effect Guild-VEG

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an open disccusion of a visual effects industry in transition
Panelists includeD:
Chris deFaria -- Vice President, Warner Bros. Pictures
Jefferey A. Okun -- Visual Effects Society Chair and visual effects supoervisor
Scott Ross -- Co-Founder of Digital Domain & former CEO of Industrial, Light and Magic

The panel was moderated by Lee Stranahan, a former visual effects artist and writer for The Huffington Post whose Open Letter To James Cameron: Fairness For VIsual Effects Artists started discussions all around the world.

Foundry NAB Preview

--- outlines the new products from the foundry to be shown for the first time at NAB 2010 in Las Vegas. New products include the acquisition of Weta's Paint and texturing program Mari, a new optical flow tool for AE and new Nuke versions.

Interview with AVATAR Animation Technical Director - Rob Powers
Read Interview

The 5 Miserable VFX Jobs That Make Movies Possible:


Hey, i am going to introduce a new section featuring these incredible videos about how thing are done in visual effects..Here's the first video in the series...


Comming week i ll b doing a tutorial on color correction.We ll b taking up two images and will be trying to color match them..

Please comment if you want a tutorial on a specific topic ,i ll try an incorporate them in comming tutorials.

Oscar sss....

Hey Dheerendra thnks for posting,really appreciate it..
Now from wht i hve understood ,is that the two film were shotlisted for the oscars..

# “Avatar”
# “District 9”
# “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”
# “Star Trek”
# “Terminator Salvation”
# “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”
# “2012”


And when it came two final 3, they missed out to Avtaar,Star Trek,District 9..
According to me Avataar was quite obvious..Star trek ,well i haven't seen it ,not a fan ,but what i have heard they its amazing..
And for District 9 have to give to those guys..for a small budget movie from no where to come up with such breathtaking and seamless vfx its simply amazing..not only that if you see the technology they have used...point cloud system in nuke to name a cant argue much..

Now to 2012,though it had one of the best destruction seq ever but personally over all i think it lagged the consistency..If u see the shots where the Russian billionaire actually dies u can make out its does does not fit seamlessly ,there are no of instances...
Transformer all i can say wud have to really unlucky to miss out on the final nomination,think the jury know the best...

keep them comming......

Q & A

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Original District 9 Short Film

Check this one out.....

Nuke Stereo Master Class Plus 6.1 Preview

The Foundry held its second Master Class in London on Friday, playing to packed house at the Vue theatre in Leicester Square. The event was standing-room only, having given away all the seats in only 24 hours when it was announced earlier this year


a component of video:the black and white or brightness element,of an image.It is written as Y,so the Y in Y,B-Y,R-Y,YUV,YIQand Y.Cr,Cb is the luminance information of the signal.


While the world around goes gaga over the movie,Check out this interesting take on the same..

First Nuke Comp

Hey,everyone just finished my first comp in nuke...did for an add film
Nothing to fa screen comp and cg compositing....but a great learning expr.

Daily Digital Facts

The abbreviation for the Red,Greenand Blue signals,the primary colors of television.Camera and telecines have red,greenand blue receptors,the TV screen has red,green and blue phosphors or LED's.RGB is digitized with 4:4:4 sampling which generates 50% more data than 4:2:2


Pixel (or Pel)
A shortened version of 'Picture cell or Picture Element'.The name given to one sample of picture information.Pixel can refer to an individual sample of R G B,luminance or chrominance,or sometime to a collection of such samples if they are co-sited and together produce element.

Boujou Import In Nuke

Export Your boujou setup as a txt file..
cm into nuke pres x n in the pop up make sure tcl is selected and put import_boujou

Nuke Scripts

Well his a script i made and am using in production.
This basically helps you define your new project according to your needs ie set up the folder structure ..
so u dont have to manually create them this dialog box takes care of that...

def ProjectSet():

myPanel = nuke.Panel("SET PROJECT DIRECTORY")
myPanel.addSingleLineInput("SYSTEM ","Z")
myPanel.addSingleLineInput("PROJECT: ","")

myPanel.addSingleLineInput("SEQUENCE: ","")
myPanel.addSingleLineInput("SHOT: ", "")
myPanel.addNotepad("Note","z is the default directory.")


curShow=myPanel.value("PROJECT: ")
curSeq=myPanel.value("SEQUENCE: ")
curShot=myPanel.value("SHOT: ")
curSys=myPanel.value("SYSTEM: ")
myLabel=curShow + "-" + curSeq + "-" + curShot
myPath="z:/" + curShow + "/" + curSeq + "/" + curShot + "/"
askDir=nuke.ask('create Directory/n%s')
if askDir==1:
raise Exception('directory not created')

nuke.addFavoriteDir(myLabel,dir,nuke.SCRIPT | nuke.IMAGE)
raise Exception('PROJECT DIRECTORY NOT SET')"Nuke").addCommand("Set Project","ProjectSet()")

You very well edit and modify it as per your production needs..

After Effects

Ever wondered how to run 2 after fx simultaneously, heres a cool trick to acheive
...just rn the command --afterfx.exe -m---.

Nuke Scripts n Gizmos

Hey ,
have been trying my hand at scripting,Python to b exact.Liking it every bit,and have even managed to come up with little scripts n gizmos of my known.Will be posting them shortly....


Daniel Leduc, VP and VFX supervisor at Hybride, about his work on AVATAR.

Escape Studios

Escape Studios is offering their new scholarship...
New Skillset course open for applications..
Find More

Prince OF Persia

Prince of persia trailor is out...
Its coming in Summer 2010 and will be directed by Mike Newel.


Hey ,this one is my favorite shots from the movie 3 idiots...
had to create a flood sequence ,(all from scratch)...
I believe my team did a wonderful job to come up with this....
I composited the final shot.....


just finished one of the challenges at
voting is soon to begin...
here's the video of my entry.. check it out..
heres,s the link to the challennge....
VFX 04

You can down load the footage here...